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Modwize is a holistic data science consultancy. With data science and AI we help businesses create value.

Data is everywhere, and can only get bigger.

To remain competitive companies have to adapt and use the right methodology applied to the right data, using the right tools .



What are AI, data science, and machine learning ? How does it help you ?

In short, AI is an aspiration to have intelligent machines, data science is the collection of techniques to handle data, and machine learning is an important method to power both.

Intelligent machines enable to refocus humans on what they are best at, and relieve them by AUTOMATING COMPLEX TASKS such as customer assistance with chatbots, analyzing sentiment from news, video surveillance, ...

Better, it can help SOLVING SPECIFIC BUSINESS POINTS such as predicting sales, predicting payment defaults or fraud, optimize cross-selling, etc ...

or help leaders REVEAL INSIGHTS in their business and not only take more informed decisions, but also GROW AND OPTIMIZE their business with a fully data-driven company.

Data science provides these benefits.

But it is not easy to access. You need 2 things : data and experts.

3 data science application by business.

Data sciences pervades all industries and services. Here is a very short list for some businesses.

Supply chain

Demand & replenishment planning

EOQ calculation

Pricing elasticity


Customer segmentation

Customer loyalty

Conversational marketing (Chatbots)

Retail & e-commerce

Recommender systems

Customer journey

Social Networks


Sentiment analysis - text mining

Pricing with RL

Fraud detection

Retail banking

Credit underwriting

Money Laundering Fraud detection - AML

Cross selling


Risk assessment

Claim management

Automatic policies


Augmented diagnostics

Optimize booking

Diagnosis explainer

Transportation services

Autonomous cars

Traffic predictions

Dynamic pricing


Smart Cities

Fight pollution


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Our solutions

Modwize delivers to you an expert knowledge for your early stage data science project or complex modeling questions.

Organization advisory and data readiness assessment, training courses, project definition, data acquisition, cutting-edge modeling and proof of concept developement.


Data organisation

Data science training

Data readiness assessment

Data science project definition


Solve your data science problems

Data collection & aggregation

Data science as a service


Data visualisation

Statistical studies

Business Dashboard


AI Tools




Business cases

Modwize has several corporate realizations, and stays atop of the discipline by promoting research in its team.



Data Visualizations



Robot advisor - Quantitative strategies

European Apparel

European Apparel

Product category segmentation

San Francisco

Modwize research

Crypto markets, KYC tool, Labor market, housing in HK, ...

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Our data science consultants

We are a team of professionals with combined expertises in data science and quantitative fields applied to different domains such as insurance, finance, retail, manufature, aeronautics, social networks.

Xavier Mathieu

Xavier Mathieu - Founder and CEO

Xavier has an extensive experience as head of quantitative analysis team in a major european bank.
Guy Freeman

Guy Freeman, PhD Statistics - CTO

Guy has many years of experience working on data science problems in multinational corporates and innovative startups.
Youssef Erahim

Youssef Erahim - consultant

Youssef is graduated from A top French engineer school, and his machine learning techniques provided precious benefits to 2 major companies.
Jeremie Lamboley

Jeremie Lamboley - consultant

Jeremie accumulated a wealth of experience in retail and supply chain management, delivering insightful data visualizations.

Our stack : Machine learning, Natural language processing (NLP), Scraping, Time series, neural networks, statistics, ...